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HVAC Installation ServicesWe offer Residential & Commercial HVAC services and have been serving the San Diego, CA and surrounding areas for the last decade. Our tech’s are experts in installations of furnaces, air conditioner systems, heat pumps and more. We have established relationships with Realtor Investors, home and business owners throughout Southern California. Come and join our team get a quote today! For more information please visit our installations page.


HVAC Repair ServicesDoes your AC or furnace need a repair service? We offer installation but also ac repairs, furnace repairs on all major air conditioning systems and furnaces. Look no further, we have the fastest turn-around times in the business without sacrificing quality of work so you can get back to your everyday schedule.



HVAC Maintenance Services

Are you a homeowner or business owner San Diego County, CA that needs maintenance on their HVAC system? Help extend the life and efficiency of your HVAC systems by providing regular maintenance that will also ensure better efficiency for your AC & Heating systems. Also save on furnace and ac repairs and help prevent major break downs that will cost you thousands in the future. Call H & A Heating and Air, Inc. to get a quote on our maintenance programs today.


Commercial HVAC & Residential Services

Commercial HVAC Services COMMERCIAL

We understand commercial HVAC needs are different for each building and we can ensure our installations offer the maximum air flow, or heating efficiecy for any type of building. For more information on commercial HVAC services and installations please click here.


Are you looking for Residential HVAC services? Prepare your home for this hot season and ensure you maintain cool in the comfort of your own home with our residential heating & cooling services. Our experience in HVAC extends all throughout San Diego County, CA.

Residential HVAC Services







Contact us in Oceanside, California to learn more about our services. 

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